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you should test your soil pH

Page history last edited by Philip Small 15 years, 7 months ago

pH is wonderfully dynamic and complex in soil.  A simplistic measurement of pH is good for communication purposes but misleads in it's inferred conciseness. Despite this I am persuaded that investing in a soil pH probe or kit should be a high priority for TP-enthusiasts.


Soil pH test kits are pretty cheap, and, personally, I prefer them over the probes because there is less to break, and you can see micro-site variation within the soil. The Hellige-Truog Soil Reaction (pH) Test kit I use is made by Orbeco-Hellige in the USA however there is an Orbeco-Hellige dealer in Australia: Extech Equipment. The kit is listed on the soil testers page as model 694. Extech's phone number is shown as (03) 9761 3300, and the toll free number for outside Melbourne is 1800 338 132. In the email reply from Extech, the sales manager mentioned additional shipping costs because the kit's reagent requires special handling in shipping. (Philip Small)

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